Greece displays ‘7,000-year-old archaeological enigma’

BBC – 14 February 2017

A statuette which Greek archaeologists are calling a “7,000-year-old enigma” has gone on show in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens.


The bird-like object was carved from granite – without the benefit of metal tools, as it dates from the Final Neolithic period.

The 36cm (14in) statuette has a pointed nose, round belly and cylindrical legs.

But it has mystified archaeologists, who do not know exactly what it is or where it came from.

The museum says the figure is asexual, with no sign of breasts or genitals.

But it says it is difficult to say whether that is a result of the challenge of carving granite without metal tools, or whether it was deliberate and could tell us something about the place of gender in Neolithic society.

The piece is on display until 26 March as part of the Unseen Museum display, a temporary exhibition of some 200,000 antiquities held in the museum vaults and not on permanent show.


(NovoScriptorium: The reason we post this article is to expose the anti-scientific spirit that seems to prevail in parts of today’s…Science! Let’s see what we have here; you find an ancient object. It does not fit in your up-to-now theory. So? If you are a true Scientist you will revise your theory and form a new one based on the new finds. In this case, you will admit that you were wrong up to now and that people actually must have had some metal tools somehow. It is granite we are talking about here!!! You don’t carve it by hand or with wood!

This is getting ridiculus some times, as a great number of finds are either characterized as ‘mysteries‘ and are quickly forgotten without further investigation nor thinking, or, most of the time, finds that overturn the ‘mainstream theories‘ are ‘scilenced’ and hardly exposed widely. You may find several articles in the section ‘Archeology – Paleontology – Ancient Greece’ that will give you a good idea about this issue.

And, no, we are not chasing ghosts; The matter seems to be quite serious. We have read interviews of World Class Scientists claiming ‘we cannot change the standing theory just because of one find‘!!! Pardon us, but this is insane! We are talking about a Science that deals with finds and forms theories based on finds. Indeed, even only one find can overturn theories that were long-standing. To be precise; IT MUST. But…It doesn’t. From our behalf, we will continue posting for you, the reader, whatever interesting -and scientifically certified, with official publications- comes to our knowledge)


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