Anonymous cave at Schisto, Keratsini : excavation of the years 2006-2007. Preliminary report

Here we present the ‘Abstract‘ of the corresponding paper by Mavridis, Fanis & Kormazopoulou, Lina.


The anonymous cave of Schisto, Keratsini, lies in the industrial park of Schisto in a mountainous area with a good view of the surrounding landscape. Excavations at the cave began in 2006 with the aim of investigating the stratigraphy of the occupation attested by surveys and a rescue excavation conducted during 2000. Research has focused on the prehistoric phases of the cave.Three trenches are in the process of investigation. Two adjacent trenches excavated deep into the main chamber of the cave, produced a thick deposit of boulders containing pottery of the Late Neolithic I and II, Early Bronze Age and later periods (Classical, Roman, Post- Byzantine). This deposit was followed by some thin clayish or ash layers with a few finds, such as pottery and obsidian. Below, a sequence oflayers containing animal bones, a few sea- shells and land snails and many flint tools and waste products was uncovered. Radiocarbon dating and the archeological material itself indicate phases corresponding from the latest Paleolithic and Mesolithic periods. The presence of layers dating from even earlier phases of the pre-Neolithic use of the cave is a matter of further investigation since excavation has not yet reached bedrock.Despite the extensive roof collapse and the force of water which have affected the stratigraphic sequence of the Neolithic and later periods, the Schisto cave bears evidence of repeated use in prehistoric times. Continuing excavation of pre-Neolithic layers is expected to shed light on periods barely known in Attica.



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