Haliakmon 1985-2005 : archaeological research in the area of the artificial lake of Polyfytos (the valley around the middle of the Haliakmon river), results and perspectives

Here we present the ‘Abstract‘ of the corresponding paper by Chondrogianni-Metoki, A.


The research here consists of rescue investigations focused on discovering the areas endangered by the waters of the artificial lake of Polyphytos, as well as on excavation work. The valley was found to have been densely populated, especially along the river banks, throughout historical and prehistoric times; more recently, the existence of a Paleolithic settlement has also been confirmed. To date, 124 prehistoric sites are known, consisting of homes and cemeteries, 41 of which seem to have been in use during historic times. Excavations have uncovered the following settlements: Kryovrisi, Kranidia; Varemeni, Gouli; Vasilara Rachi, Velventos; Paliambela, Roditi; and Farangi, Messiani. Discoveries have also unearthed Middle Bronze Age settlements at the sites of Polemistra, Aiani, and Paliochano, Sparto; a cemetery of the same period at the Tourla, Gouli site; and Early Iron Age and historical cemeteries, as well as the Hellenistic settlement of Kato Brava, Velvendos. Structural remains, isolated burials, a large number of pits, a wealth of movable finds, and a set of stone humanoid stelae have also come to light.

(Source: http://www.grissh.gr/article/54c0b767d36a3621020000a3)


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