Pre-neolithic finds from Aegean Thrace

Here we present the ‘Abstract‘ of the corresponding paper by Efstratiou, N.


The archaeological survey in the Rhodope plain, Thrace, which was initiated by the Museum of Komotini in 1991, continued for second year withthe participation of Professor Albert Ammerman, Colgate University, New York and a small group of postgraduate students of the Archaeology Department, University of Thessaloniki. The survey was planned to cover the whole Rhodope plain and to record all signs of human activity in the area (all-period survey). Because of the large geographical area under study the first phase of the work concentrated on the southeastern end of the plain which seemed tobe the most favourable area from the point of view of geomorphology and visibility (Efstratiou 1991, 425).It was decided before proceeding with the systematic surface collection to complete the geological and geomorphological coverage of the region. This was accomplished by an intensive fieldwork which was repeated for more than one periods. This process resulted in some very interesting finds: scattered flint material was found in a number of places either along the ravines of Skilorema and Likorema or on low terraces in the vicinity of the village of Krovili. Although no systematic collection of surface remains was applied in the area,the density of finds in certain places betray the presence of open-air sites such as the site no 10. Dr. Eugenia Adam who studied the flint material collected so far, suggests the existence of a lithic industry of middle palaeolithic date (mousterian) which is characterized mainly by flakes, scrapers and axes. The source of the raw material is local (the outcrop of rock at Petrota). It is the first time that Paleolithic material has been found in the area of Aegean Thrace. The geomorphological fieldwork carried out may provide the answer for the possible absence of earlier sites in the region.



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