Excavations on the early neolithic site at Kremastos, Western Macedonia

Here we present the ‘Abstract‘ of the corresponding paper by George Toufexis.


The Neolithic site at Kremastos is situated 3 km NW of the village of Knidhi and 14 km NE of Grevena in Western Macedonia. The site lies on the gently sloping side of a low ophiolite hill, at the toe of an elongated hill ridge, at an altitude of 670 m. Small-scale rescue excavations have brought to light a settlement from the end of the Early Neolithic period. It covers about 2.5 acres and the deposits reach a depth of 1.20 m in trench A. The site was abandoned at the end of the Early Neolithic, but re-occupied for a short period at the start of the Late Neolithic and in late historical times. An extensive destruction level from an Early Neolithic wattle-and-daub house was unearthed in trench A. Planks had been used in the construction of the walls. In trench B, a seemingly round storage pit, 0.98 m deep and 1.50 m wide, had been dug out of the soft, sterile, ophiolite soil. The excavations at Kremastos and survey investigations in the Grevena area cast light on the little-known Neolithic period in Western Macedonia, which occupies a key position at the crossroads of the Aegean and southern Balkan cultures.

(Source: http://www.grissh.gr/article/546e5a3fd36a36394a000187)


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