Clay model of a Neolithic building

Here we present the ‘Abstract‘ of the corresponding paper by Hourmouziades, G.


From the Neolithic site known as «Douraki», near Krannon of Larisa comes a clay model of a Neolithic building (figs. 1-3 and cover plate), bearing painted decoration (solid style) of deep red on cream background. The model has a sloping roof with an opaion (lantern) and one opening on each of its four sides. The whole structure of the model together with its various architectural details (beam protections, gables etc.) lead to the conclusion that the maker was imitating actual contemporary architectural details. It looks as though his intention was to reproduce as best he could a public building (e.g. a place of worship). This view is confirmed both by the painted decoration as well as by the four openings, which are not suitable for a private dwelling. The model from Krannon cannot be dated later than the beginning of the Middle Neolithic period (i.e. the beginning of the 5th millennium B.C.) as is suggested by the type of its decoration in comparison with that of the decorated pottery of the same period. The find, unique in its kind, is of immense importance, as it increases our knowledge concerning the architecture of the Neolithic period.



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