Liti III : a new neolithic site in the Langadas basin

Here we present the ‘Abstract‘ of the corresponding paper by Kotsos, S. & Gioura, E.


The Neolithic site was locateci in the W. part of the Langadas basin, c. 1.5 km NE of the Derveni pass. It was discovered during construction of the flyover, at branch 1 of the Langadas junction, on the Egnatia highway. A total area of 150 m2 was investigated.The wider area is flat and the stratification of the fill laid down by Lake Koroneia is regular. The covering of the anthropogenic fill by alluvial deposits accounts for the absence of surface evidence and explains why it is so difficult to locate Early and Middle Neolithic sites in the Langadas area. Purely Neolithic deposits were located inside 3 pits. The largest pit is irregular in shape and has walls which converge towards the bottom, where there are 3 dissimilar cavities. The middle cavity yielded part of the floor of an oven. Although no post-holes were found around the pit, the aforementioned data suggest that it was a residential space. The other 2 pits are round, with vertical walls, and their edge is connected to a channel. Their structural features suggest that they are probably cisterns for collecting and storing water, which was so vital to the inhabitants’ survival.On the basis of the typology of the pottery, Liti III has been dated to the Middle Neolithic period. The practice of building subterranean houses was widespread in Macedonia in this period, as it was in the Danubian areas of Yugoslavia and Romania. The special significance of this particular site lies in the fact that it belongs to the end of the Early Neolithic and beginning of the Middle Neolithic, thus adding to the number of sites from this period.The discovery that the settlement was established in the layer of lacustrine deposits suggests that the bed of Lake Koroneia had already covered the W. part of the Langadas basin long before the beginning of the Middle Neolithic and that it subsequently receded.



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