Two new early neolithic sites in w. Thessaly

Here we present the ‘Abstract‘ of the corresponding paper by Hourmouziades, G.


This is a first report of a recent excavation at two new Neolithic sites in West Thessaly ( Prodromos I and Prodromos II ). The author gives, in main lines, the principal characteristics of the investigated deposits.Prodromos I : The investigated deposits of the site belong to the early Neolithic period and constitute a single cultural phase. The discovered figurines (figs. 2 – 3 ), especially the male ones (fig. 4 ), are considered by the author as very important. The later are found for the first time in such an early period in Greece. Two successive deposits of human skulls are considered, also, as an unprecedented and very interesting contribution to the knowledge of Neolithic culture in Greece. The find may be interpreted as evidence of the custom of the « secondary burial » (fig. 1 ).Prodromos Π : It also yielded early Neolithic material belonging in a single cultural phase corresponding to that of the Prodromos I.There are three kinds of pottery ( a ) monochrome (fig. 5 ), ( b )painted (fig. 6 ) and ( c ) incised (fig. 7 ). All these three kinds of pottery occur throughout all the levels of investigated deposits. It is impossible to distinguish a particular phase with painted or incised pottery. From Prodromos II it is clear that the Pro- tosesklo and Vorsesklo elements, at least in West Thessaly, are contemporary and it is wrong to distinguish them as separate phases. Eighty figurines were brought to light on the site of Prodromos II (fig. 8 ). It is very interesting that there are figurines of very significant types previously unknown to us ( fi g s. 9 and 10 ).Finally a wooden roof of a Neolithic house is the most interesting find of the excavation at Prodromos II (figs. 11, 12, 13, 14). It is constructed with branches and trunks of trees. It was brought to light in good condition. This unprecedented discovery offers us very important information for the study of Neolithic architecture, carpentry, etc.



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