A stone-axe workshop in neolithic Makri, Thrace

Here we present the ‘Abstract‘ of the corresponding paper by Efstratiou N. & Ntinou M.


A complete «stone-axe workshop» was found during the excavation of Square D8 in the central section of the 6th millennium BC Neolithic settlement of Makri in Thrace. It is a rectangular post-framed structure with a well preserved lime plaster floor where a complete stone-axe manufacture sequence was found in situ: a block of raw material (local metamorphic greenschist), a hammer (granite stone from Samoth- race), a flat polishing surface which bears the marks of the axe edges, a number of at least twenty finished, almost finished or broken polished axes deriving from different stages of the production sequence as well as waste material from knapping. Among the finds a number of stone burnishers and beads were included, suggesting possible multi-functional use of the workshop. Inside the workshop a fire-place with two complete ceramic pots were also found. In the same square and next to the workshop some additional working structures and surfaces we revealed: the base of rectangular platform or oven of uknown use, lime plaster floor surfaces and a rubbish area.The «stone-axe workshop» of Makri is dated around the middle of the 6th millenium BC (an AMS date is awaited) and it belongs to the main habitation phase of the site (Makri II). It is a rare find not only for Greece itself but for southeast Europe as a whole considering the paucity of such workshops in the region.

(Source: http://www.grissh.gr/article/54afc868d36a36015200018d)


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