The neolithic settlement of Giannitsa B

Here we present the ‘Abstract‘ of the corresponding paper by Chrysostomou Panayiotis.


A rescue excavation was carried out in October and November 1989 at the Neolithic settlement of Giannitsa B, in the building ground of Eustathiades brothers in the southeastern part of the city. There is evidence implying that the plan of the settlement was ellipsoid and occupied 10 acres. The specific location had been chosenbecause of the existing springs south from the settlement. Two trial trenches were carried out. Trench I (0,60×1,20 m.) at the southern slope of the neighbouring building-ground yielded a circular deposit 0,60 m. deep from the surface of the ground; it contained a great quantity of pottery, shells, bones and bone implements. The deposit was 1,70 m. deep and had destroyed part of the foundation of a retaining wall (1,50 m.high and 3 m. wide) of stones and clay, which had been founded in the sterile ground. Trench I yielded three types of Early Neolithic pottery: a) pottery with red-burnished glaze without decoration, b) decorated white-on-red and red-on-cream pottery, and c) impressed pottery. The upper excavational layers of both trenches I and II also yielded black-burnished pottery. The other layers of trench II yielded many types of Late Neolithic decorated pottery: a) graffiti decoration on black surface, b) brown-oncream, c) black-on-red, d) brown-on-red, and e) black-on-white. Stone tools, stone grinders, loom weights, «earrings», «pins», beads, animal bones and shells were also found in the two trenches. The settlement is found in the centre of a priviledged area with many influences which led to the creation of a close cultural affinity in the Early Neolithic Period in the whole area extending from S. Yugoslavia and SE. Albania to W. Macedonia and Thessaly. The impressive cultural uniformity relates Early Neolithic Nea Nikomedeia to Giannitsa B. Finally, based on the radio-carbon dating of Nea Nikomedeia and Anza, the earliest occupation of this area dates to the first half of the 6th millenium. This settlement is one of the few early agricultural and herding settlements in Macedonia.



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