Neolithic Avgi, Kastoria, 2003-2004 : a new research programme

Here we present the ‘Abstract‘ of the corresponding paper by Stratouli Georgia.


In recent years, the number of neolithic sites under investigation in the Kastoria region has increased (e.g. Dispilio, Kolokinthou, Koromilia and Avgi). Based on the progress of the ongoing field projects, the reassessment of the archaeological questions, and contemporary research perspectives, it is possible to approach and discuss in the near future aspects of the «Biography of the Neolithic Landscape» in this particular region of northern Greece and central-western Balkans.Excavations carried out since 2002 by the IZ’ Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities in the neolithic settlement of Avgi, a modern village in the district of Kastoria, Western Greece, aim to reconstructing the ‘biography’ of the site, that is the ‘life-time’ of this occupational complex, both in terms of the settlement as a whole and in terms of its individual architectural features. We are especially interested in the buildings of the settlement and their associated structures, including the investigation of households as basic units of production, reproduction and consumption in a socio- economical and ideological level. Similarly, we are interested in the ‘biographies’ of all findings of material culture, i.e. the ‘life-time’ of tools, pots, ornaments and figurines.The site is developed on a low terrace surrounded by an eroded hilly terrain. At least four (4) occupational phases have been recognized, covering a period of ca. 500-600 years from 5600/5500 to 5000/4900 cal BC. The dense distribution of the occupational remains points to a flat-extended neolithic settlement. A total of ten (10) buildings have been recovered, which are rectangular in plan, ranging in size from 35-45 to 70-90 square meters. Their architectural remains comprise a variety of building materials and techniques, i.e. wafile-and-daubs, mudbricks. and pisé.



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