Three new early neolithic sites on Euboea: new evidence for the prehistoric Aegean

Here we present the ‘Abstract‘ of the corresponding paper by Sampson Adamantios.


The phase preceding Late Neolithic I on Euboea is called Early Neolithic II and has so far produced 11 sites with features that differ from the corresponding Middle Neolithic sites in Thessaly and central Greece. The sites in question lie in mountainous regions, open plains, or near the sea. The three new Early Neolithic II sites recently excavated in Euboea are Theologos, a mountain site, Liani Ammos, on the coast near Eretria, and the Skotini cave at Tharrounia, which is in a semi- mountainous area. It seems likely that there were direct economic relations between the first two, and it may be conjectured that peoplemoved seasonally from the mountains to the plain and vice versa. The pottery at the third site is directly related to that of Nea Makri. At this time, Euboea seems to have had cultural contact with sites on the Aegean islands, such as Yioura in the North Sporades, and the site of Papa to Chôma on Skyros. Although there is little obsidian during this phase on Euboea and the North Sporades, there was certainly movement within the Aegean, and it seems to have followed very difficult sea routes, judging by the relations between Euboea and the North Sporades on the one hand and Chios and Asia Minor on the other.



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