The “barbarization” of military identity in the Late Roman West

Here we present selected parts of the very informative paper titled “The last legions: The “barbarization” of military identity in the Late Roman West“, by Vedran Bileta. Continue reading “The “barbarization” of military identity in the Late Roman West”


Graeco-Roman (‘Byzantine’) culture in Dubrovnik and Dalmatia

“An important chapter in the cultural relations between Byzantium and its former Dalmatian regions was written in the period of intensified communication between Greek and Roman Churches in the fourth and fifth decades of the fifteenth century. This cultural flow continued well after the Byzantine Empire had been conquered by the Ottoman Turks. While the Empire of the Palaeologi was collapsing, the cultural activity of the Greek intellectuals fleeing to Italy was entering a new, lively phase. Continue reading “Graeco-Roman (‘Byzantine’) culture in Dubrovnik and Dalmatia”

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