Wealthy 3,600-year-old Trading Hub Found in Gaza

The remains of a vast Bronze Age town dating to 3600 years ago has been discovered in Gaza, and has now been shown to be a rich trading hub. The prosperity of its Canaanite inhabitants is evident in discoveries of elaborate gold jewelry, vast amounts of imported pottery and an unprecedented number of scarabs. Continue reading “Wealthy 3,600-year-old Trading Hub Found in Gaza”


Dogs helped humans hunt 11,500 years ago

Around 11,500 years ago, in what is now northeast Jordan, people began to live with dogs and may also have used them for hunting, according to a study by archaeologists from the University of Copenhagen and University College London. They suggest that the introduction of dogs as hunting aids may explain the dramatic increase of hares and other small prey in the archaeological remains at the site. Continue reading “Dogs helped humans hunt 11,500 years ago”

Unlocking the untapped potential of light in optical communications

Scientists at Tokyo Institute of Technology have fabricated a multiplexer/demultiplexer module based on a property of light that was not being exploited in communications systems: the optical vortex. Such devices will be crucial for improving optical networks, which are the backbone of today’s Internet, so that they can meet the traffic demands of tomorrow. Continue reading “Unlocking the untapped potential of light in optical communications”

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