Ophthalmology in Greek mythology

In this post we present selected parts of the the very informative paper titled “Greek mythology: the eye, ophthalmology, eye disease, and blindness“, by Constantinos Trompoukis & Dimitrios Kourkoutas (2007). Continue reading “Ophthalmology in Greek mythology”

The Hagia Sophia issue: Turkey’s test of civilization

By Taner Akçam

Basically, the whole Hagia Sophia affair can be summed up with the phrases “improper” or “a shame”. But I think that the audience whom I am addressing do not possesses the cultural delicacy to find these words meaningful. For their sakes, it would better to formulate it in a frank manner that they could more easily understand: the deed that is being performed in regard to Hagia Sophia is a clear show of barbarism. Continue reading “The Hagia Sophia issue: Turkey’s test of civilization”

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