Pietism as an ecclesiological heresy

by Christos Yannaras

1. The historical coordinates

We give the name “pietism” to a phenomenon in church life which certainly has a particular historical and “confessional” starting point, but also has much wider ramifications in the spiritual life of all the Christian Churches. Continue reading “Pietism as an ecclesiological heresy”

The Theology of Gender – The Place of Women in Byzantine Society

Byzantine society was a dynamic union of different cultural elements based on Greek civilization and the Christian faith. Although Christianity was the decisive element in the formation of Byzantium, the practical application of the Christian ethos as a way of life met with the resistance of the old cultural principles that were deeply rooted in the consciousness of the people. Continue reading “The Theology of Gender – The Place of Women in Byzantine Society”

The Dormition of the Mother of God; Transition to Life

by Elder Efraim Vatopaidinos

Every time we celebrate the Dormition of the Mother of God, it’s like Easter all over again; the summer Easter. Our Lady the Mother of God prepares this Easter, this ‘glorious Passover from death unto life’, for us. A second Passover, holy, spotless, life-giving for the human race, because truly, today, ‘the terms of nature are overcome’. Continue reading “The Dormition of the Mother of God; Transition to Life”

Saint Porphyrios’ of Kavsokalyvia counsels on Divine Eros – Part 3

They Gave Their Hearts

What is holy and beautiful and what gladdens the heart and frees the soul from every evil is the effort to unite yourself to Christ, to love Christ, to crave for Christ and to live in Christ, just as Saint Paul said, It is no longer I who live; Christ lives in me. This should be your aim. Let all other efforts be secret and hidden. What must dominate is love for Christ. Let this be in your head, your thought, your imagination, your heart and your will. Your most intense effort should be how you will encounter Christ, how you will be
united to Him and how you will keep Him in your heart. Continue reading “Saint Porphyrios’ of Kavsokalyvia counsels on Divine Eros – Part 3”

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