Saint Basil on Usury and Debt

Here we present some timeless words of Saint Basil the Great on Usury and Debt. Let us all think on them in parallel with the situation we experience in our times. Continue reading “Saint Basil on Usury and Debt”


Paradise and Hell according to Orthodox tradition

By Protopresbyter George Metallinos, Dean of the Athens University School of Theology

On the Last Sunday of Lent “we commemorate the Second and Incorruptible Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ”. The expression “we commemorate” of the Book of Saints confirms that our Church, as the Body of Christ, re-enacts in its worship the Second Coming of Christ as an “event” and not just something that is historically expected. The reason is, that through the Divine Eucharist, we are transported to the celestial kingdom, to meta-history. It is in this orthodox perspective, that the subject of paradise and hell is approached. Continue reading “Paradise and Hell according to Orthodox tradition”

Whole or Half Christians?

The case of the prominent Jew who had observed all the commandments of Mosaic Law from the time of his youth is one we can easily relate to. He asks Jesus what remains for him to do in order to gain eternal life. Jesus knows what it is that usually binds people to earth, so He answers: ‘You’re missing one thing: sell everything you’ve got and give the money to the poor and, in that way, you’ll have treasure in heaven. Then come and follow me on the difficult path of the cross’. Continue reading “Whole or Half Christians?”

How can I deal with my sinful condition?

by Metropolitan Anthony Bloom †

In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.

So often we ask ourselves and one another a very tormenting question: How can I deal with my sinful condition? What can I do? I cannot avoid committing sins, Christ alone is sinless. I cannot, for lack of determination, or courage, or ability truly repent when I do commit a sin, or in general, of my sinful condition. What is left to me? I am tormented, I fight like one drowning, and I see no solution. Continue reading “How can I deal with my sinful condition?”

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