Caloric restriction improves health and survival of rhesus monkeys

Here we present the ‘Abstract‘ of the corresponding paper by Julie A. Mattison, Ricki J. Colman, T. Mark Beasley, David B. Allison, Joseph W. Kemnitz, George S. Roth, Donald K. Ingram, Richard Weindruch, Rafael de Cabo & Rozalyn M. Anderson. Continue reading “Caloric restriction improves health and survival of rhesus monkeys”

The Hunger Gains: Extreme Calorie-Restriction Diet Shows Anti-Aging Results

The idea that organisms can live longer, healthier lives by sharply reducing their calorie intake is not exactly new. Laboratory research has repeatedly demonstrated the anti-aging value of calorie restriction, often called CR, in animals from nematodes to rats—with the implication that the same might be true for humans. Continue reading “The Hunger Gains: Extreme Calorie-Restriction Diet Shows Anti-Aging Results”

On-and-off fasting helps fight obesity, study finds

Up to sixteen weeks of intermittent fasting without otherwise having to count calories helps fight obesity and other metabolic disorders. Such fasting already shows benefits after only six weeks. This is according to a study by Kyoung-Han Kim and Yun Hye Kim in the journal Cell Research which is published by Springer Nature. Intermittent fasting in mice helped to kick-start the animals’ metabolism and to burn fat by generating body heat. The research team was led by Hoon-Ki Sung of The Hospital for Sick Children in Ontario, Canada. Continue reading “On-and-off fasting helps fight obesity, study finds”

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