‘Life tips’ by Cleobulus from Lindos

In this post we present and analyze nine quotes from the ancient Greek Philosopher Cleobulus, one of the so-called ‘seven sages’. Continue reading “‘Life tips’ by Cleobulus from Lindos”

True freedom


Some people by the word freedom understand the ability to do whatever one wants. People who have the more allowed themselves to come into slavery to sins, passions, and defilements more often than others appear as zealots of external freedom, wanting to broaden the laws as much as possible. But such a man uses external freedom only to more severely burden himself with inner slavery.

True freedom is the active ability of a man who is not enslaved to sin, who is not pricked by a condemning conscience, to choose the better in the light of God’s truth, and to bring it into actuality with the help of the gracious power of God. This is the freedom of which neither heaven nor earth are restrict.

+St. Philaret of Moscow

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