Teenagers can thank their parents’ positive attitude for avoiding obesity

Teenagers are less likely to be overweight if their mum or dad had a positive attitude during pregnancy, a new study by the University of Bristol and Emory University revealed today. Continue reading “Teenagers can thank their parents’ positive attitude for avoiding obesity”

On-and-off fasting helps fight obesity, study finds

Up to sixteen weeks of intermittent fasting without otherwise having to count calories helps fight obesity and other metabolic disorders. Such fasting already shows benefits after only six weeks. This is according to a study by Kyoung-Han Kim and Yun Hye Kim in the journal Cell Research which is published by Springer Nature. Intermittent fasting in mice helped to kick-start the animals’ metabolism and to burn fat by generating body heat. The research team was led by Hoon-Ki Sung of The Hospital for Sick Children in Ontario, Canada. Continue reading “On-and-off fasting helps fight obesity, study finds”

Early-life obesity impacts children’s learning and memory, study suggests

A new study by Brown University epidemiologists found that children on the threshold of obesity or overweight in the first two years of life had lower perceptual reasoning and working memory scores than lean children when tested at ages five and eight. The study also indicated that IQ scores may be lower for higher-weight children. Continue reading “Early-life obesity impacts children’s learning and memory, study suggests”

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