On unmanly and puerile cowardice – St. John Climacus

Cowardice is a childish disposition in an old, vainglorious soul. Cowardice is a falling away from faith that comes of expecting the unexpected. Continue reading “On unmanly and puerile cowardice – St. John Climacus”

Saint Porphyrios of Kavsokalyvia: Overcoming Depression

“Nowadays people often feel sadness, despair, lethargy, laziness, apathy, and all things satanic. They are downcast, discontent and melancholy. They disregard their families, spend vast sums on psychoanalysts and take anti-depressants. People explain this as ‘insecurity.’ Our religion believes that these states derive from satanic temptation. Continue reading “Saint Porphyrios of Kavsokalyvia: Overcoming Depression”

Prayers for the dead

by Michael Bressem, Ph.D.

A round white mound, frosted with powdered sugar and decorated with candied almonds, sits on top of a silver platter with a thin lit candle in the center of it. Is it someone’s birthday? No, it’s the anniversary of someone’s death. It’s the almost weekly macabre reminder of our eventual demise, decay, and doom. Continue reading “Prayers for the dead”

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