Homer; Man and Responsibility

In this article we originally analyze an excerpt from the ‘Odyssey‘, which clearly states that the creature ‘Man’, for Homer, is (or should be) a creature of Responsibility. Continue reading “Homer; Man and Responsibility”

Does physical activity influence the health of future offspring?

Physical and mental exercise is not only beneficial for your own brain, but can also affect the learning ability of future offspring — at least in mice. This particular form of inheritance is mediated by certain RNA molecules that influence gene activity. These molecules accumulate in both the brain and germ cells following physical and mental activity. Prof. André Fischer and colleagues from the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE) in Goettingen and Munich and the University Medical Center Goettingen (UMG) report these findings in the journal Cell Reports. Continue reading “Does physical activity influence the health of future offspring?”

‘Free man’ is the responsible man

Saint Gregory the Theologian wrote: ‘God that created man, since the very beginning let him free and self-governing. He honoured man with self-government, so that good belongs to whom that he choses it not less than to the one who gave him the seeds of good. So that with self-government, i.e. with freedom, man becomes complete and his actions are not irresponsible. Each one of our actions obtains moral value because the involuntary is unstable, tyrannical and alien to the spirit of Christ.’  Continue reading “‘Free man’ is the responsible man”

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