‘Ancient Greeks have travelled to Polynesia’ claims study from Nors Sigurd Josephson, Universitätsverlag C. WINTER Heidelberg

Here we present the cover words of the book “Eine archaisch-griechische Kultur auf der Osterinsel” (An Archaic Greek Culture at the Easter Island), 1999, by Nors S. Josephson which is the evolution of his first book on the matter “Greek Linguistic Elements in the Polynesian Languages: (Hellenicum Pacificum),  1987


Regardless whether the claims are true or not, this is a rather interesting study. To be published by an institution like Heidelberg definetly adds to its credibility. Here is the presentation of the book as taken from its cover:

The language and civilization of the Easter Island partially refer to archaic hellenic sources.

In parallel with the over one thousand ancient greek linguistic roots that are met in the language of Easter Island and, the relative to it, Polynesian languages, we also meet a big number of ancient greek grammatic peculiarities, like noun endings and verbal types.

For the main buildings of Easter Island and Eastern Polynesia ancient egyptian and ancient greek measure units were used.

Additionally, traditional music and other artistic characteristics of Easter Island, like dresses etc., appear to be of archaic-greek origin.

Moreover, it is interesting that the writings of Easter Island have elements from the ancient egyptian, cretan and cypriotic writing systems


Read and decide for yourselves!

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