‘New Age’ or all of this is not ‘new’ at all?

From the ‘Introduction’ of a book of Ancient Greek Literature we read:

“Iamblichus from Chalkis of Syria (3rd/4th century AD) was a student of Porfyrius. He founded there his own neoplatonic school. Its special characteristics were the acceptance of EASTERN MAGIC, the connection between philosophy and APOCRYPHISM, the mixture of Pythagorean Numerology with the MYSTICISTS’ one”


The so called ‘New Age’ of our times, with its impossible distortions, mixtures and frauds has been repeated before 1500-1700 years. For all those who, for any possible or impossible reason, consider the occupation with the above as ‘Philosophy’, they must know that all these constitute RAPE of Philosophy and Genuine Greek Philosophical Thought (i.e. until Plato’s times), as we have adequately demonstrated and analyzed in the section ‘Philosophy’. We will continue to do so in the measure of our abilities.

We prompt the reader to seek and study our article “What were the Pagan ‘ethics’ at the time of Constantine the Great? How are they related to modern times?” (https://novoscriptorium.wordpress.com/2018/06/06/what-were-the-pagan-ethics-at-the-time-of-constantine-the-great-how-are-they-related-to-modern-times/).

It will then be fully and immediately realized that all we live in our era constitute resurgence of ‘pagan ethics’, and definitely ‘anti-christian life stance’. One needs not to be a seer nor a prophet to understand to where all this will lead. What man sows is what he’ll reap. Besides, this already happens at some point. A closer look to Social Statistics of the Western and Westernized world that have adopted this type of living, will convince even the most stubborn denier on how worse things become year by year, day by day.

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