How should a man love his woman, according to Homer?

Here we present and analyze an excerpt from Homer’s Iliad.


Rhapsody I, Verses 341-343

In ancient Greek: «επεί ός τις ανήρ αγαθός καί εχέφρων τήν αυτού φιλέει καί κήδεται, ως καί εγώ την εκ θυμού φίλεον»

In English: «but every good/decent and wise/prudent man his (wife) loves and takes care of her, like me, that I loved her with my whole being/with all my soul»

NovoScriptorium: This excerpt refers to the ‘wife’. It teaches us that the good/decent and wise/prudent man loves his wife and takes care of her. Additionally, he mentions the phrase ‘την εκ θυμού φίλεον’, which means ‘I love her with my whole being/with all my soul’. This is how much a man should love his wife! And this is said by Achilles, one of the most fierce warriors, not some romantic poet or artist.

The reverse teaching we receive from this excerpt is that any man who doesn’t love his wife with his whole being and doesn’t take care of her, is evil/bad and not wise/imprudent.

Let’s think of our behavior in interpersonal relationships today, especially in a marriage.

Research-Analysis for NovoScriptorium: Isidoros Aggelos

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