Pindar – Nothing good is ever achievable or possible without Divine help, especially Wisdom and flourishing of the Mind (Nous)

Here we present and analyze five excerpts from Pindar, the lyric poet.


Olympionikos VIII, Verses 77-80

In ancient Greek: «έστι δε και τι θανόντεσσιν μέρος κάν νόμον ερδομένων. Κατακρύπτει δ’ ου κόνις συγγόνων κεδνάν χάριν»

In English: «the dead have their share in the ceremonies. The burying ground does not hide the glory of the relatives»

NovoScriptorium: It is obvious that Pindar believes in the ‘afterlife’. Material death is not the end, but the beginning of another life form. Of course, what continues living eternally is nothing else than the soul of Man. It is also clear here that there is the urge to memorize the buried-dead in the various ceremonies.

Olympionikos IX, Verses 28-29

In ancient Greek: «αγαθοί δε και σοφοί κατά δαίμον’ άνδρες εγένοντ’»

In English: «with God’s help Men become wise and good»

NovoScriptorium: In Man’s effort to become better and wiser, the Divine help is necessary. And, in the end, if one will eventually evolve towards Good and Wisdom, is utterly dependent on God’s allowance, blessing and help. Man can only put his good intention and the effort. The final result is determined from above.

Olympionikos XI, Verses 10

In ancient Greek: «εκ θεού δ’ ανήρ σοφαίς ανθεί πραπίδεσσιν ομοίως»

In English: «but, Man’s mind (nous) flourishes with the help of God»

NovoScriptorium: We have explained in previous articles about mind’s-nous’ value, spiritually and generally. Without the cultivation of the mind, and God’s help in the procedure, the development of Man towards Good and Wisdom is not possible.

Pythionikos I, Verses 41-42

In ancient Greek: «εκ θεών γαρ μαχαναί πάσαι βροτέαις αρεταίς, και σοφοί και χερσί βιαταί περίγλωσσοί τ’ έφυν»

In English: «all the joys of the mortals come from the gods; they become strong in arms, wise and skillful in speech»

NovoScriptorium: All that is good, all the real joys, are gifts of the Divine to Man. Nothing truly good is achievable or possible without the help of God.

Pythionikos V, Verses 122-123

In ancient Greek: «Διός τοι νόος μέγας κυβερνά δαίμον’ ανδρών φίλων»

In English: «The great mind (nous) of Zeus governs the luck of his beloved mortals»

NovoScriptorium: One of the characteristics of the True Being (God) –here by the name of ‘Zeus’- is indeed the ‘great mind-nous’. So, in this way He governs his ‘beloved mortals’. God loves Man; His intervention always has this Love as reference. And He is, beyond any doubt, almighty.

Isidoros Aggelos

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