Middle Paleolithic (300,000-45,000 years ago) finds in the Prefecture of Evros, Thrace, Greece.

Here we present a summary of the findings of the Palaeolithic period that have been found in the Prefecture of Evros.


“NE of the Rizia village and to the south of the Ardas River, at the site of Agios Nikolaos, random pieces of chert, worked by human hands, were found. The deeper layers produced large and flaky fragments (Flakes), which resemble the Middle Paleolithic types (300,000-45,000 years ago)

(Source: http://www.xanthi.ilsp.gr/thraki/history/his.asp?perioxhid=H0004

and from there to


“Opposite the river, at the Rizia village, near Keramos, a prehistoric settlement and other palaeolithic finds were found

(Source: http://www.patridamou.gr/?p=261)

The Municipality of Komotini informs us that the Archaeological Museum of Komotini has exhibits of the prehistoric age.

(Source: https://www.komotini.gr/tourism/moyseia)

While the Ministry’s website for the same museum clarifies:

“Its exhibitions cover the period from the Neolithic to the Byzantine period”

The Mesolithic finds, as you realize, are not exhibited anywhere at the moment. We have not managed to find neither a single photo or video of them, nor a single scientific paper, in Greek or English, about them.

Research-Translation: Philaretus Homerides

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