Monuments from Tipón, Peru

This post is mostly a photographic presentation of monuments from Tipón, Peru.


Tipón, is a sprawling early 15th-century Inca construction is situated at 3,400 meters above sea level. The complex covers 239 hectares and is located 22 kilometers southeast of Cusco near the town of Tipón. It consists of wide agricultural terraces irrigated by a network of water channels fed by a natural spring. Several surrounding ruins have been excavated, and many more are visible below the soil.

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The Tipón complex is located near Oropesa in the Community of Choquepeda, southeast of Cusco and along the Cusco-Puno road. It contains enclosures, terraces and an intact canal. The site was probably used as a laboratory of agricultural products because of the various micro-climates found within the complex. The true purpose of Tipón is not known. Even the original name of the Inca site is lost.



(Important Note: ALL photographs of this article added to the sourced texts by NovoScriptorium after kind courtesy of our friend Ben Lee – ALL photographs originally taken by Ben Lee)

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