Engineers translate brain signals directly into speech

In a scientific first, Columbia neuroengineers have created a system that translates thought into intelligible, recognizable speech. By monitoring someone’s brain activity, the technology can reconstruct the words a person hears with unprecedented clarity. Continue reading “Engineers translate brain signals directly into speech”

Exercise; a strong promoter of cognitive health in humans

A growing body of evidence supports the influence of exercise in vitality and function of the central nervous system (CNS) and promoting resistance against neurological disorders. According to these studies, exercise has the extraordinary capacity to enhance mental health, and current efforts are being devoted to use this capacity to reduce cognitive decay in aging and psychiatric disorders. Continue reading “Exercise; a strong promoter of cognitive health in humans”

The night gardeners: Immune cells rewire, repair brain while we sleep

Science tells us that a lot of good things happen in our brains while we sleep — learning and memories are consolidated and waste is removed, among other things. New research shows for the first time that important immune cells called microglia — which play an important role in reorganizing the connections between nerve cells, fighting infections, and repairing damage — are also primarily active while we sleep. Continue reading “The night gardeners: Immune cells rewire, repair brain while we sleep”

Mothers’ behavior influences bonding hormone oxytocin in babies

Oxytocin is an extremely important hormone, involved in social interaction and bonding in mammals, including humans. It helps us relate to others. It strengthens trust, closeness in relationships, and can be triggered by eye contact, empathy, or pleasant touch. It’s well known that a new mother’s oxytocin levels can influence her behavior and as a result, the bond she makes with her baby. Continue reading “Mothers’ behavior influences bonding hormone oxytocin in babies”

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