The sack of Rome by Alaric’s Goths

The fall of Stilicho was the signal for the Roman troops to massacre with brutal perfidy the families of the barbarian auxiliaries who were serving in Italy. The foreign soldiers, 30,000 of them, straightway marched to Noricum, joined the standard of Alaric, and urged him to descend on Italy. Continue reading “The sack of Rome by Alaric’s Goths”

The Germans to 476 A.D. – Battle of Adrianople – The Visigothic kingdom

Our earliest notice of the Germans is found in the “Commentaries” by Julius Caesar, who twice invaded their country. About a century and a half later the Roman historian, Tacitus, wrote a little book called “Germany”, which gives an account of the people as they were before coming under the influence of Rome and Christianity. Continue reading “The Germans to 476 A.D. – Battle of Adrianople – The Visigothic kingdom”

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