An Orthodox Perspective on Alien Life

This is an essay that was originally published in the April 8, 1965 edition of The Boston Globe (p. 18) by Fr. John S. Romanides (1927–2001), a Greek Orthodox presbyter, author, and professor of theology. It is presented here in its entirety with some minor, stylistic editing. Continue reading “An Orthodox Perspective on Alien Life”

The True Science of God

by Fr. Stephen Freeman

I had occasion this week to stand in a group of scientists. I was burying one of their own. The city I live in is a “science city,” the location of one of the primary national labs in the US. I have lived here for over 25 years. I have gotten to know many scientists. When they are at their best (and science at its best), wonder forms a large part of their world. To do research is not something you do because you know the answers, but because you don’t. Something is being sought. Continue reading “The True Science of God”

Accept All Cultures – Embrace None

Written by Monk Martyrius Hope

In the world today we are taught to love our neighbors. Through this “unconditional” love and acceptance we are to attain a peaceful existence. The only problem is that we are not actually taught to love with our hearts, but we are taught a more contrived form of love, one based solely on outward interaction and acceptance. This is enforced and regulated form of love, is not a path towards true love, but one which only strips the soul dry of all depth and life. Continue reading “Accept All Cultures – Embrace None”

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