Homer’s Theological positions – What was his opinion on ‘atheism’?

In this post we present and analyze excerpts from Homer’s “Odyssey”, which reveal some of his substantial theological positions.
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The Psychology of Atheism

by Professor Paul C. Vitz

The title of this paper, “The Psychology of Atheism,” may seem strange. Certainly, my psychological colleagues have found it odd and even, I might add, a little disturbing. After all, psychology, since its founding roughly a century ago, has often focused on the opposite topic-namely the psychology of religious belief. Indeed, in many respects the origins of modern psychology are intimately bound up with the psychologists who explicitly proposed interpretations of belief in God. Continue reading “The Psychology of Atheism”

The Faith Factor In Science

Hugh Pickens writes:

“Pastabagel writes that the actual scientific answers to the questions of the origins of the universe, the evolution of man, and the fundamental nature of the cosmos involve things like wave equations and quantum electrodynamics and molecular biology that very few non-scientists can ever hope to understand and that if we are honest with ourselves, we must admit that we accept the incredibly complex scientific phenomena in physics, astronomy, and biology through the process of belief, not through reason.

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