Dietary behaviours of Neanderthals

In this post we present information on the dietary behaviours of Neanderthals extracted from several published papers. Continue reading “Dietary behaviours of Neanderthals”

Eating more fruits and vegetables may help men with memory loss

Need another reminder to eat your fruits and vegetables? Doing so might lower your risk of memory loss, according to a study published online Nov. 21, 2018, by Neurology. The study looked at almost 28,000 men, average age 51, who filled out questionnaires every four years for 20 years about how many servings of fruits, vegetables, and other foods they ate each day. The participants also took tests of their thinking and memory skills at least four years before the end of the study, when the average age was 73. Continue reading “Eating more fruits and vegetables may help men with memory loss”

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