The enforcement of Justice through Faith by Numa Pompilius

Here we present an excerpt from Dionysius of Halicarnassus’ book ‘The Roman Antiquities‘ (The Loeb Classical Library). Dionysius informs us here about how and why Numa Pompilius erected a temple to Faith. Continue reading “The enforcement of Justice through Faith by Numa Pompilius”

Be True to Yourself

by Fr. Stephen Freeman

I recall the excitement that I felt every year as a child and as a teenager as the signs of summer’s end came. Looming ahead was the beginning of a new school year. It never felt like a return to what I had known the year before, but as an opportunity for something new. In my teen years, the secret something new that felt exciting was a “new” me. Of course, that guy never appeared.  Continue reading “Be True to Yourself”

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