Be True to Yourself

by Fr. Stephen Freeman

I recall the excitement that I felt every year as a child and as a teenager as the signs of summer’s end came. Looming ahead was the beginning of a new school year. It never felt like a return to what I had known the year before, but as an opportunity for something new. In my teen years, the secret something new that felt exciting was a “new” me. Of course, that guy never appeared.  Continue reading “Be True to Yourself”

The Faith Factor In Science

Hugh Pickens writes:

“Pastabagel writes that the actual scientific answers to the questions of the origins of the universe, the evolution of man, and the fundamental nature of the cosmos involve things like wave equations and quantum electrodynamics and molecular biology that very few non-scientists can ever hope to understand and that if we are honest with ourselves, we must admit that we accept the incredibly complex scientific phenomena in physics, astronomy, and biology through the process of belief, not through reason.

Continue reading “The Faith Factor In Science”

Accept All Cultures – Embrace None

Written by Monk Martyrius Hope

In the world today we are taught to love our neighbors. Through this “unconditional” love and acceptance we are to attain a peaceful existence. The only problem is that we are not actually taught to love with our hearts, but we are taught a more contrived form of love, one based solely on outward interaction and acceptance. This is enforced and regulated form of love, is not a path towards true love, but one which only strips the soul dry of all depth and life. Continue reading “Accept All Cultures – Embrace None”

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