Deep common ancestry of indian and western-Eurasian mitochondrial DNA lineages

Here we present the ‘Abstract‘ of the very interesting corresponding paper by Kivisild T, Bamshad MJ, Kaldma K, Metspalu M, Metspalu E, Reidla M, Laos S, Parik J, Watkins WS, Dixon ME, Papiha SS, Mastana SS, Mir MR, Ferak V, Villems R. Continue reading “Deep common ancestry of indian and western-Eurasian mitochondrial DNA lineages”


Greeks In India Before Alexander? (Part 1)

(NovoScriptorium: Even though we do not fully agree with all the information and argument of this article, we feel that our readers will find it quite interesting, even amusing)

In his speech at a banquet hosted in his honor by Greece President Karolos Papoulias and in his address at the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy, on 26 April 2007, the President of the Indian Republic. Shri A. P. J. Abdul Kalam referred to exchanges between India and Greece that began well before Alexander’s march into India in 326 BC. Let us take a look at what these exchanges were. Continue reading “Greeks In India Before Alexander? (Part 1)”

Similarities between Hindu and Greek Mythology

“It has always been the prime function of mythology and rite to supply the symbols that carry the human spirit forward”. This is what Joseph Campbell said, the professor of mythology whose work on comparative mythology is vast and illuminating.

India and Greece both boast ancient civilisations with deep, rich mythologies. Like many mythologies around the world, Hindu and Hellenic mythologies too share some fascinating similarities. Here are our top picks: Continue reading “Similarities between Hindu and Greek Mythology”

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