A Mycenaean tholos in Messina coastal plain, Sicily

During recent decades, the intense research in the field, realized by the Messina Cultural and Environmental Heritage Survey with the collaboration of some researchers of the Messina University, has provided the occasion to integrate archaeological, stratigraphic, and palaeoenvironmental data useful for reconstructing the geological framework of the coastal plain underlying the urban area of Messina and of its natural seaport. Continue reading “A Mycenaean tholos in Messina coastal plain, Sicily”

The Celtic/Gallic invasions of Italy (4th-3rd cen. B.C.)

The Apennines, from their junction with the Alps above Marseilles, are inhabited on both slopes, that looking to the Tyrrhenian sea and that turned to the plain, by the Ligurians whose territory reaches on the seaboard-side as far as Pisa, the first city of western Etruria, and on the land side as far as Arretium ( = Arezzo). Next come the Etruscans, and after them both slopes are inhabited by the Umbrians. Continue reading “The Celtic/Gallic invasions of Italy (4th-3rd cen. B.C.)”

Intentional tooth removal in Neolithic Italy

The Italian Neolithic (c. 6500-3200 B.C.; Skeates 1994), while not a homogeneous period, displays continuity in many aspects of culture. Social life was based upon small villages of 25-200 people, supported by unintensified agricultural economies. In spite of a rich record of art and burial practices, little is known about gender-related behaviour and ritual practices. Continue reading “Intentional tooth removal in Neolithic Italy”

Bronze Age settlement of Scoglio del Tonno, Apulia, Italy; maritime routes connecting the eastern and central Mediterranean

Scoglio del Tonno is presently part of the urban area of Taranto (Apulia) and is among the most important sites of Bronze Age southern Italy. The period of interest examined here is the local Late Bronze Age (LBA), i.e., the Recent Bronze Age (RBA), ca. 1350-1200 BC, and possibly the earliest part of the Final Bronze Age (FBA), ca. 1200-1000 BC. Continue reading “Bronze Age settlement of Scoglio del Tonno, Apulia, Italy; maritime routes connecting the eastern and central Mediterranean”

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