Myceneans undoubtedly traded with Northern Europe (Bronze Age)

In this article we present selected parts from the very informative paper “Analysis and Provenience of Minoan and Mycenaean Amber, III. Kakovatos” by Curt W. Beck, Constance A. Fellows, Audrey B. Adams. Continue reading “Myceneans undoubtedly traded with Northern Europe (Bronze Age)”


The Aegean (Mycenean) origin of the Philistines

After all these centuries of calumny, the Philistines are finally having some good things said about them. They were not, it seems, deserving of that withering epithet: Philistine.

Archeologists are uncovering increasing evidence that the Philistines, arch foes of the Israelites in biblical times whose name became synonymous with barbarity and boorishness, were actually the creators of fine pottery and grand architecture, clever urban planners and cosmopolitan devotees of the grape. If anything, the Israelites, at the time mostly shepherds and farmers in the hills, were the less-sophisticated and -cultured folk. Continue reading “The Aegean (Mycenean) origin of the Philistines”

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