The causes of the Hannibalic War

To return to the war between Rome and Carthage, we must regard its first cause as being the indignation of Hamilcar surnamed Barcas, the actual father of Hannibal. Continue reading “The causes of the Hannibalic War”

The Celtic/Gallic invasions of Italy (4th-3rd cen. B.C.)

The Apennines, from their junction with the Alps above Marseilles, are inhabited on both slopes, that looking to the Tyrrhenian sea and that turned to the plain, by the Ligurians whose territory reaches on the seaboard-side as far as Pisa, the first city of western Etruria, and on the land side as far as Arretium ( = Arezzo). Next come the Etruscans, and after them both slopes are inhabited by the Umbrians. Continue reading “The Celtic/Gallic invasions of Italy (4th-3rd cen. B.C.)”

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