Archilochus’ death and some interesting theological elements

In this post we present and discuss an excerpt from the Suda Lexicon. Continue reading “Archilochus’ death and some interesting theological elements”

The healing of the Soul

by Fr. Nicholas Loudovikos

We need to obtain blessing and grace in order to enter into that kind of love: to love the other from within him. From within him, not outside of him… to love like that…how can I describe it… with fondness. Can you understand what I’m saying? How different a thing that is! It is not the same as that delightful image of love that we have been taught in our day and are inclined to believe that we all are so easy when it comes to loving and regard it to be something easy. Well, it is not easy; it is necessary, we desire it, we are inclined towards it, but it requires the grace of God for one to achieve it, to promote it, so that it will bear fruits. It requires grace, it requires a special blessing. Continue reading “The healing of the Soul”

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