Pindar – Truth, Piety, Prayer and Memory of death

Here we present and analyze four excerpts from Pindar, the lyric poet. Continue reading “Pindar – Truth, Piety, Prayer and Memory of death”


Orthodox Church & Capitalism: Orthodox Fathers of Church on poverty, wealth and social justice

Here are some awesome quotes about how the early church (90 ad – 500 ad) viewed and was viewed in regards to wealth and related topics. I tried to personally research these so you can be sure that they are legit. Also, I put links to biographies and original works. Hope this blesses you! Continue reading “Orthodox Church & Capitalism: Orthodox Fathers of Church on poverty, wealth and social justice”

Capitalism, Protestant Ethics & Orthodox Tradition

By the Metropolitan of Nafpaktos and Saint Vlasios, fr. Hierotheos Vlachos

It must be underlined that Orthodoxy – Romanity (Romanity = Byzantine Tradition & Culture) has no affinity whatsoever to Protestant ethics – as realistically presented by Max Weber with regard to the capitalist spirit – nor is it expressed by Latin theology. For this reason, in what follows, we will examine as briefly as possible the views of the Orthodox Church on the central positions underlined by Max Weber. We will underline five basic points, without citing Patristic texts and related bibliography, because in my other studies, there is ample material. Continue reading “Capitalism, Protestant Ethics & Orthodox Tradition”

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