On pleasure – Archytas of Tarentum, the Pythagorean

In this article we present, without comments, an excerpt from the writings of Archytas of Tarentum, with reference to pleasure.


No more deadly curse has been given by nature to man rather than fleshly pleasure, through desire for the sake of which the passions are pushed irrationally and uncontrollably to the satisfaction of it. This is to blame for the betrayals and the overturning of regimes.  Secret conspiracies emanate from it with the enemies. In short, there is no criminal purpose or bad act in which people will not be pushed to due to the desire for pleasure. And since nature-or a god-has not given man anything more wonderful than reason (mind), therefore this divine gift has no more deadly enemy than pleasure. For, where desire prevails, temperance has no place, and in the reign of pleasure there is not even one point for virtue to stand. Think of a man who enjoys the greatest pleasure he can have. No one will doubt, I think, that such a person, at the time of this enjoyment, is incapable of any mental activity and can not achieve anything that requires logic and thought. Therefore, there is nothing so hateful and detrimental from pleasure, since if one surrenders to it for a long time, the light of the soul forever diminishes

Research: Isidoros Aggelos


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