What ‘Homer’ means and how should we study his work?

In this article we present some original/novel conclusions and discoveries which arose from our personal study on Homer and his works. 


The word ‘homer‘ (according to Liddell & Scott Lexicon) means ‘guarantee‘. Before anything else, only from the name of the writer it is stressed that his writings consist some form of ‘guarantee’ or, what he writes are themselves ‘guaranteed’.

From the ancient writers we learn that Homer’s work was considered as a treatise ‘on nature and polity’. As for the ‘nature’ part, already from Antiquity, a good number of studies were published which demostrated/evinced the allegoric usage of the names and incidents included in the various rhapsodies, with various physical interpretations. A characteristic book of this kind, that the modern man can easily find, is the one from Heracleides from Pontos (or Heracleitus, as it is not 100% clear who the writer is) titled ‘Homeric Problems

As for the ‘polity’ part, Homer seems virtually inexhaustible.

Our systematic study has shown that all the pre-Socratic Philosophical movements  (shortly; the true Greek Philosophy) have roots, base and reference on Homer.

Additionally, we indeed noted that the way of his writing belongs to the way of some few and special, which is such that –as the ancient writers inform us– in the same text, at the same time, one can pump information about nature (Science), history and theology.

The moral/value organization of the polity could not, of course, be absent from such an analysis, that comes under the above three dominant conceivable chapters. Because the properly constituted polity could not but have as reference basis:

a) the Divine, from which everything emanates (created and governed),

b) Nature, in which man is found placed and, hence, he must obey its unwritten laws (adding that Nature is a creation of the Divine Being), and

c) History, which teaches the avoidance of the same mistakes and simultaneously delivers some inviolable axiomatic rules that should be kept in order for the (any) polity to survive and prosper.

Research-Analysis for NovoScriptorium: Isidoros Aggelos

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