What was the theological opinion of the Ancient Greeks on Pride?

Here we present and analyze an excerpt from «Bibliotheca», or «Library» by Apollodorus of Athens (or Pseudo-Apollodorus) that answers our question.


In Ancient Greek: «Αλκυόνην δε Κήυξ έγημεν Εωσφόρου παις. ούτοι δε δι’ υπερηφάνειαν απώλοντο. ο μεν γαρ την γυναίκα έλεγεν Ήραν, η δε τον άνδρα Δία, Ζεύς δε αυτούς απωρνέωσε, και την μεν αλκυόνα εποίησε τον δε κήυκα»

In English: «Kyex, the son of Eosphorus, took Alkyone as his wife. They were devastated because of pride. The man was calling his wife ‘Hera’, while she called her man ‘Zeus’. Zeus transformed them both to birds of prey; she became an alkyone and he became a kyex» (Note: alkyone and kyex are species of birds)

NovoScriptorium: «God opposes those who are proud», as we know from the Holy Script. It appears that the ancient Greeks shared the same view on the matter of Pride. This is a truly disastrous passion, capable of giving birth to all kinds of evil, absolutely devastating for the person who suffers from it. It is also clear –as a contrary conclusion- that ancient Greeks believed that God favors the humble man.

Isidoros Aggelos

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