Invisible world and modern physics: Modern science and theology

Here we present the ‘Abstract‘ of the very interesting corresponding paper by Theodossiou, E., Manimanis, V.N., Danezis, E.


A characteristic of the Western thought is the effort to counter the
transcendental dogma of Christian theology through the expression of views based on
the scientific discoveries (antirrhetic theology). Two objections can be raised against
this trait: a) Modern science considers as a fact the future expansions, corrections,
even total abolishment of scientific knowledge in the face of new discoveries.
Therefore, dogmatic positions must not be based on temporary scientific views. b) In
several instances, antirrhetic theology is based on out-of-date scientific views of the
17th and 18th Centuries, which are not valid any more. The example of modern physics
and cosmology is prime among them; in these sciences, the prevailing theories are
based on the existence of an invisible and imperceptible reality, or on apparently
“illogical” (in the sense of classical logic) fundamental properties of matter and its
particles in quantum mechanics.


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