Megalithic monument in Roussa, Evros, Greece

In this article we present the Megalithic monument in Roussa, Evros, Greece.

Megalithic dolmen built of five large stone slabs. The typical opening of such dolmens is preserved on one of the narrow sides.


These tombs usually contained the remains of cremations or large vases with the ash of the dead, along with the grave offerings.The monument is dated to the 9th century B.C.




NovoScriptorium: As is logical, every historical age is characterized by a particular type of culture, and therefore architecture. In addition, when we are talking about a unified area where a specific population group, rather than various ones, lives, neither culture nor its architecture makes sense to completely differ.

Megalithic style is completely different from Mycenaean or Minoan, for example. As it is completely different from that of the Classical period, etc. So we conclude that the time estimate of the monument about 900 BC is wrong.

It is obvious that the Megalithic monuments belong to a much earlier era and characterize another, unified in its time, human civilization.


One questions why these monuments are not officially dated using the latest, sophisticated and more precise dating methods – in our research we have not been able to find any official corresponding publication.

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