Megalithic acropolis and Gate of Ismara (Maroneia), Thrace, Greece

Here we present a Megalithic monument from Ismara (Maroneia), Thrace, Greece. ismara_0

First a few words about the area:

“After their departure from Troy, Odysseus and his companions stop at Ismaros. They sack the town, and attack the Cicones, the inhabitants of the adjacent region. They kill the men and divide the women and treasures among themselves, then begin to feast, despite Odysseus’ advice that they leave immediately. The Cicones, who have left in search of help, come back in the morning in great numbers. Odysseus manages to escape, although he loses several men in the process. He embarks with the survivors and continues his journey home to Ithaca.


While at Ismaros, Odysseus spares Maron, the son of Euanthes and the priest of Apollo, and his family. Because of this, Maron gifts him a “goatskin bottle of black wine”, some gold, and a mixing bowl. The wine was a strong and divine drink, as for each cup of wine, 20 times as much water was added to it to dilute it. He uses this wine to lull the Cyclops Polyphemus to sleep.”



Then, some more specific information about the area for tourists:

“The settlement of Maronia spread over a vast area, from Ismaros Mountain to the Ptelea Lake. Several monuments are today labeled and countless others are scattered throughout the olive groves and the mountainous landscapes of Ismaro. Worth seeing sights are the fortification of Agios Georgios (the megalithic Gate), the complex of Roman times, the walls of the citadel Agios Athanasios (the walls had an estimated length of over 10 km!) and the huge ancient carved granite winepress.


Threre is not a labeled road but a 4×4 vehicle can proceed even 700 meters close to the site. It is a three minutes’ walk following the signs or the left arrows and you will arrive at the Megalithic Gate with its monolithic representations. Walking right for 15 minutes and following the signs you will reach the carved winepress.”



Μore photos from the area:

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Research-Selection for NovoScriptorium: Philaretus Homerides

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