Perperikon, Bulgaria; the largest megalithic complex in the Balkans

Here we present the Megalithic Thracian city found in the area of Perperikon, Bulgaria.


The ancient city found at Perperikon (most likely a medieval name) is thought to have been a ‘sacred city’ for the Ancient Thracians. It is located in Eastern Rhodopi (modern Bulgaria) and is built (or carved) entirely on a rocky hill, at a height of about 470 meters. It is considered one of the largest Megalithic complexes in Europe and definetly the largest in the Balkans.

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Human activity in the area dates back to 5000 B.C. The first traces of civilization on the hill date, according to the archeologists, from the Bronze Age, while the ceramics found on the place date from the Early Iron Age, as well as the impressive round altar, almost 2m in diameter, hewn out of the rocks.

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(Below you can enjoy more photographs of the place, kind courtesy of our friend Ben Lee – ALL following photographs originally taken by Ben Lee)

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And last but not least, the best video we managed to find for the place (in terms of images and HD quality). The narration is in Greek, but the ‘virtual tour’ presented herein is definetly worthy:

Research-Selection for NovoScriptorium: Isidoros Aggelos

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