The reign of Roman Emperor Phocas

Phocas was a mere brutal soldier—cruel, ignorant, suspicious, and reckless, and in his incapable hands the empire began to fall to pieces with alarming rapidity. Continue reading “The reign of Roman Emperor Phocas”

The Hagia Sophia issue: Turkey’s test of civilization

By Taner Akçam

Basically, the whole Hagia Sophia affair can be summed up with the phrases “improper” or “a shame”. But I think that the audience whom I am addressing do not possesses the cultural delicacy to find these words meaningful. For their sakes, it would better to formulate it in a frank manner that they could more easily understand: the deed that is being performed in regard to Hagia Sophia is a clear show of barbarism. Continue reading “The Hagia Sophia issue: Turkey’s test of civilization”

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