The Juffain Dolmen Field; Megalithic structures in Jordan

The Juffain Dolmen Field is located on the southwest border of the modern town Juffain. The site measures 1 km east to west and 1.3 km north to south, and is broken by six major and five minor valleys. Preliminary analysis of dolmen groups shows clear separation for autonomous groups. Continue reading “The Juffain Dolmen Field; Megalithic structures in Jordan”


Lost Roman Outpost in Southern Jordan Uncovered

Rare new details about an ancient Roman fort in southern Jordan have been uncovered.

Robert Darby, a lecturer in art history in the School of Art, University of Tennessee, and his partner Erin Darby, an assistant professor in the Department of Religious Studies in the same university, direct the ‘Ayn Gharandal archaeological project’ that has uncovered details about the fort, including the previously unknown location of an ancient infantry unit. Continue reading “Lost Roman Outpost in Southern Jordan Uncovered”

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