Culture, Religion and Diplomacy in the 7th century AD Roman Empire

In this article we look at the Christian Roman State (‘Byzantine’ Empire) in terms of Culture, Religion and Diplomacy, just before the first Arab-Roman war. Continue reading “Culture, Religion and Diplomacy in the 7th century AD Roman Empire”


The use of the word “religion”

“Religion”* as an ideological system

When we say that “Orthodoxy is not a religion* in the usual sense of the word”, we are clearly implying that the term “religion” is not used in the Bible.

When we speak of “religion”, we mean an organized, world-theory system. In other words, we associate it with a group of people who have a specific IDEOLOGY, which they promote. And it is precisely this element that we reject in Orthodoxy. Because Orthodoxy IS NOT an ideological system. It IS NOT a philosophy, OR a theoretical fabrication. Orthodoxy is a PRACTICAL psychotherapeutic method.

Furthermore, Orthodoxy IS NOT a man-made fabrication, or an organization by people. It is a God-human institution, and the Body of Christ. Continue reading “The use of the word “religion””

The Illness of religion

The greatest problem of Western Christianity – and of many Orthodox also – is that they have ‘religionized’ Christianity and have turned the Church into a religion. In this way, they cultivated fundamentalisms, hatreds, divisions, a magical perception and relationship with God, also a competitive disposition of one towards another, a self-centered view of life, a utilitarian and self-benefiting perception of society, an imaginary interpretation of everything, the sentimental approach to living and generally the opinion that the others comprise –and are- a threat to our existence.

Thus, in these circumstances, the brightly-lit Christmas trees, the sentimental melodies, the moral-building analyses, all criminally conceal existential nakedness and make man a tragic being. Continue reading “The Illness of religion”

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